This episode is not appropriate to listen to with children. We welcome back to the show Carolyn Elliott, a witch, writer, and a midwife to magic. She teaches people to step into the mystical power via shadow work through her online courses, podcast, and WITCH magazine. In this conversation we get into:

  • What lies beyond practical magic and why it’s so scary to go there
  • Why we have an illusion of separation
  • How our individual states reflect out collective states and vice versa
  • Why we are divinity pretending to be hurt and hurting
  • How your quality of consciousness affects everything you do
  • What is the difference between contrast and context in regards to your life and yourself
  • How you can feel limited and diminished by your body
  • How miracles can come to you in simple ways
  • What it means to reclaim your agency at a deeper level
  • What it feels like to move through the terror of facing the darker parts of yourself
  • Why the fear of being shunned by other is so huge