This week we welcome a new member to the Dream Freedom Beauty team! Meditation coach and akashic reader Gavin O’Neill shares his experience with an unexpected psychic and spiritual awakening that completely changed his life.

We dive into what it’s like to be contacted by ETs, finding validation that you aren’t crazy when your psychic senses open, and the role fear has played in mass consciousness in the past few thousand years. At the end of the episode, Gavin leads a guided meditation to transform and heal fears.

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In this week’s episode we also talk about:

  • Seeing glowing blue cats with your inner sight
  • Feeling like electric molasses in sleep and dreams
  • Having your life turned upside-down by spiritual awakening
  • Finding validation that you aren’t crazy when your psychic senses open
  • Getting a better understanding of the cycles you participate in

“The road to awakening was fast and furious, frustrating and terrifying, jarring but helpful, and all together a magical experience.”
-Gavin O’Neill


More Info About Our New Patreon Offerings for the month of October.

  1. Lizzy is leading a chakra toning meditation. This meditation is a quick, simple way to get in touch with your body! Learn how to use your voice to connect with your chakras and release tension in your physical and emotional bodies. This meditation will help you find your voice, relax, and receive your body’s wisdom. This meditation is beneficial for people of all ages and stages of life, and especially fun for anyone who’s curious about singing. If you want to get grounded, check in with your body, and explore your voice, this meditation is for you!
  2. Natalie is teaching an intro course on how to get in touch with and work with your spirit guides. Did you know that there are benevolent beings in other realms who are here to help you achieve your purpose and goals? The thing is, you have to ask them to help you. Learn how to meet your guides, ask them for help and see signs that they’re around. If you’re ready to get that extra boost of help to manifest your dreams and purpose or just make your life easier, then this is definitely for you.
  3. Gavin is leading a meditation through the akashic records. You’ll step into the collection of memories, information, feelings, and experiences that you’ve collected throughout this life and others. The meditation is a perfect way to integrate deeper knowledge about the cycles you participate in. A predetermined theme is picked for each monthly class. It could be hope, wisdom, truth, change, etc. Gavin will help you look at what you’ve told yourself is true about each topic and he’ll guide you through the records to reveal the deeper truths of each one. This can be a powerful experience for anyone thirsting for deep self connection. It’s useful for people who are ready to move out of feeling stuck. You’ll walk away with greater clarity on the direction you desire to go in.


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