Amelia Vogler is a healer, intuitive and mentor with a strong base in Healing Touch, spiritual physics, and energetic and clinical anatomy and physiology. She climbed the ladder in corporate America and realized that her true heart’s desires were leading her in a different direction. In today’s conversation we discuss:

  • The energetic pattern of migraines and how to heal them 
  • Why she left her job in corporate America, even though it was a fun job
  • What to do when you are finally FREE and starting your new life
  • What Amelia learned from growing up in a funeral home
  • Working with animal spirits for teaching and healing
  • The creative power of being a mentor and mentee

“Energy healing is about going deeper and learning more about yourself – learning what serves your spirit and what doesn’t; learning what supports and impassions you; and discovering your natural abilities to open the channels toward embracing your greatest potential; achieving your deepest heart’s goals; and reconnecting you to your own purposeful sacredness.”
-Amelia Vogler