Petra Szilagyi is a provocative visionary artist who is 7 years into the recovery from alcohol addiction. Their journey started in a traumatic childhood that left them uprooted and without any knowledge of how to truly be intimate and vulnerable with others. In this episode we talk about:

  • Growing up in a city with no connection to/or relationship with nature
  • Being kicked out of college for alcoholism
  • WWOOFing on a primitive homestead en-route to recovering from addiction
  • Hiding an alcohol addiction from the world
  • Building appreciation for the sublime in nature
  • Learning the basics of intimacy
  • Wanting to die and finding community as support for suicidal tendencies
  • Caring for an elderly dying alcoholic father who was absent in their childhood
  • How being present, compassionate, and genuine includes being sad, and that’s ok
  • The 12-steps as a powerful tool for healing
  • Art as an outlet for exploring provocative intensity and discomfort
  • Being OK with feeling icky as you discover how to express what’s been oppressed within