Rachel of Aeolian Heart is an astrologer, scribe, and dreamweaver. She is a creator of Aeolian Heart, offering natal chart readings and horoscopes, educational classes, and tarot readings. Aeolian Heart uses astrology and tarot as a framework to develop rich therapeutic conversations that manifest love, will and desire into the human reality.

In this conversation, we dive into:

  • Rebirthing the connection between your inner world and the outer world
  • Calling in your inner child to release limiting ideologies perpetuated by the material world
  • The meaning of Aeolian Heart in reference to the Aeolian Harp and Greek Goddess of the Wind
  • Acknowledging the importance of the Earth and its perspective in the Astrological chart
  • Why astrology is more than your fate for the day or what your personality type is
  • Living in attunement with natural cycles to reconnect with Earth beyond the material world
  • Fear-based Astrology (fatalism), and how this approach can cause a false reputation for astrologers
  • How to break out of fatalism by exploring a new creative perspective
  • How astrology readings can be liberating by embracing truths found in your natal chart
  • How to choose an astrologer that is right for you
  • The ecological wisdom of astrology, how planets and stars are comprised of the same organic materials as the human body
  • Imagination as a vehicle to connect the inner and outer systems of ecology
  • The story of Indra’s Jeweled Net to explain the interconnected light between all beings
  • The story of neutrinos to explain how traveling matter in space relates to our bodies on Earth
  • How astrological time differs from linear time


Online Courses by Rachel (get more info on Rachel’s site, linked above)

  • CASH FLOW: Money Magic with Mercury in Gemini
  • ANTIFRAGILE: The Creative Chaos of Uranus in Taurus
  • HARVEST: The Magic of the Moon
  • REVEL: The Magic and Alchemy of Jupiter in Scorpio
  • Astrological Magic Bundle
  • REALITY CHECK: The Evolutionary Power of Saturn in Capricorn
  • Free E-book HEARTBEAT: Unlocking the Mysteries of your Natal Chart
  • Facebook Group: Astrology is magic with Aeolian Heart (for students who have participated in Aeolian Heart classes)


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