Elise Entzenberger is a tarot reader, coach, and artist based in Austin, TX. Elise utilizes tarot as a tool for empowerment and transformation for the mystically minded. In this episode we talk about:

  • How you can find comfort with being in unlabeled spaces
  • How making friends with perfectionism has been transformative in business and life
  • Why getting over your fear of being seen and heard is so healing
  • Empowerment vs disempowerment
  • Why thoughts we can’t even hear have the power to keep us stuck
  • How to tune into what thoughts create what emotions
  • External validation vs internal validation
  • How tarot can help you as a reflective tool, not as a divinitory tool
  • Why tarot is a tool for seeing your inner truth reflected back to you
  • How there is light and shadow to every card, no matter if it is upright or reversed
  • Tarot as a tool for mitigating depression
  • Moving from codependence to interdependence, while honouring each other in relationship
  • How conflict can arise when highly sensitive people become overstimulated
  • How much healing takes place in the reflection, and how to return to these places again and again