Joanna Colbert created the Gaian Tarot deck to embody a vision of how we can live more equitably with all skin colors, genders, stages and ages of life and with the earth. As a former born-again Christian, she touches on her story of how she left the church and came across the stories of the lost goddesses many moons ago. In the decades since then, she’s created a vibrant lifestyle as an artist and teacher. In today’s episode she talks about her journey to create the Gaian Tarot deck, and she also generously gives our listeners a tarot reading in the show! We also cover:

  • Joanna’s connection with Brigid as an archetype of the divine feminine
  • Changing the perceptions of ageing to honour elders and all stages of life
  • How the Gaian Tarot deck was created in response to the classic white, male-dominated decks
  • Joanna’s biggest fear as she was creating the Gaian Tarot deck
  • How tarot can be used for healing ourselves and our connection with the earth
  • How sitting in circle changes communication

“Whatever your personal quest for wisdom or how you choose to apply it, my place here is to inspire you, to share the information with you that I have.”
-Joanna Colbert