We welcome back Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen to the show with a special healing ceremony for women and water: And to HER we shall return. The healing of women is the healing of the world, and it is women who are leading the way into a world of wholeness and wellness and of love and peace. Today’s broadcast is dedicated to all women who are choosing to heal. Listen today as Grandmother guides you on a journey to heal the wombs and wounds of yourself, your mother and your mother’s mother. Go to the roots and remember we all came from one world tree. Grandmother shares:

  • Clearing through the mother-daughter-grandmother umbilici is what is needed to end war and allow peace
  • How a woman who is content and satisfied is the woman who leads the way in the new economy
  • How to move out of being stuck in patterns that take you closer to death than to life
  • That women are the ancient predecessors for all the major world religions
  • What are the 5 rounds of sweatlodges and what happens when you dream with the ancestors
  • What the tower in the tarot represents

“We are dreaming a new life. A life of meaning.”
-Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen


Featured image by Sonia Primerano Photography http://www.sonia-primerano.com/unifier-festival-2016/