Hannah Corbett is an Author, Secret-Dakini-Oracle Reader, and Weaver.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The power and depth of friendship people can have through words
  • What it means to awaken and be in service to the goddess within
  • Learning how to take your own shadow stories and share them with the world
  • How you can change your menstrual cycle from painful and suppress to a more connected place
  • Why offering your blood to the Earth is life changing
  • Why you need to find your place in the garden
  • Why you cannot deny the process of decay within yourself
  • Why it feels good to let it be messy when it comes to bleeding
  • What is womb denial and the long journey of healing a cyst
  • Using massage to connect to the womb space
  • How we can inspire others with our cyclical nature
  • How there is a dream dreaming you and you are the one to bring it through to life
  • Why the sacred masculine needs circles and spaces for healing and togetherness
  • How spirit guides are here to help you bring through your gifts and connect to your higher self
  • Why it’s important to use your intuition or a teacher when starting to connect with spirits