Today we welcome Amber Magnolia Hill of Aquarian Dawn. Amber is a mother, herbalist and writer. In this conversation we get in-depth about her recent experiences with death, grief, and new life. We talk about the gifts of clarity that death brings and how to approach death in non-fearful ways. Amber shares how studying your ancestry can connect you with your own unique spiritual sustenance. And finally we talk about using psychedelics in a sacred way as medicine, not as party drugs, to open our hearts and minds to different ways of being in the world. We also talk about:

  • The effect of expecting a new baby in the midst of grief
  • What not to say to someone who is grieving
  • How to make friends when you have kids
  • How to get reluctant relatives to open up and share stories
  • The key ingredient for making meaningful connections through blogging and social media

“For those of us who hunger for a deeper spirituality, the simplest, realest, most powerful, and most personally meaningful way to find it is to find our ancestors.”

-Amber Magnolia Hill