In episode 5, we’re talking with herbalist and rewilder Dan De Lion about how connecting with nature can help you develop your intuition and natural instincts. We cover how having strong boundaries can help you stop taking on other people’s drama. Dan guides us through how expanding our understanding of what constitutes language is key for communicating with nature, and we cover:

  • How boundaries can help you stop letting garbage and other people’s drama into your system
  • We touch on receiving and self worth. Can you feel that you deserve to be nourished?

  • How to interact with plants using the chemical lab in your mouth

  • How the earth will not lie, so going into nature can help you develop your instinct and intuition.

  • Language isn’t just mouth noises, and this is the key to communicating with nature, plants, animals, etc.

  • Why plants don’t have a sense of duality

“Nature speaks to those who listen.”
-Dan De Lion