Plant priestess and founder of Active Culture Family, Erin Rivera Merriman, shares from the depths of her complex and beautiful being.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • The yumminess of listening to your chakras
  • Is there a place for you here on Earth? Will you be able to do what you came to do here?
  • Moving beyond inheriting cultural frameworks of incurable chronic illnesses
  • Relief from the grinding processes of thinking an inquiry to exhaustion
  • Serving Goddess as a priestess as her willing eyes, ears, heart, body, and yoni on Earth
  • Going beyond the diad relationship dynamic and relationships as a form of medicine
  • When your bliss leads you into strange, shadowy places… you might be a trauma healer

An update and disclaimer from Erin:

“This is an unusually transparent and personal conversation even for me, and so I share it here with the following disclaimer:

I am a person who is always evolving and speaking from the most current perspective that I have available. Part of my process is that when I make a statement about “the way things are”, I am often immediately presented with situations which show me that the opposite is also true, or as they say in Zen Buddhism, “Not always so”. When this conversation was recorded, I was taking responsibility for the times I had tried to demand that people that I was intimately involved in be my primary healer. At that time I was also enjoying group intimacy dynamics that seemed to somehow naturally just not “go there” in the same way. Since this recording I am grateful to have been gently reminded that in a group dynamic, it is just as likely that adding more people to the equation of intimacy will amplify and bring to the surface wounds asking to be cleared and healed as it is that the addition of people might buffer and share the burden of life’s challenging aspects. Either of these outcomes are possible, and I believe that it is profound medicine when our friends and lovers happen to be a YES to holding space for our healing and we need not save ALL of our challenges for professional help at the expense of our authenticity when sharing our hearts with others. I use the words “ugly, sticky” dynamics/ karma, and am referring to myself in past relationships, but now feel this language lacks compassion for my own and others humanness. Or maybe rather, yes, we all have sticky/ gross/ weird parts that we are learning and growing through, but that those parts of us are sacred teachers and allys too and so in their own way, are quite beautiful. I hope to always be growing my understanding of intimacy and my ability to share my experiences in a constructive way. Thank you for hearing me!”