Rachel Halder and I (Natalie) met at a primitive homestead in Big Sur, California, and decided to record our conversation. Rachel grew up as a Mennonite and has been speaking out about sexual and spiritual abuse in the church. Her work has been driven by the desire to bring awareness to people who have been repressed or abused of the potential for experiencing intense sexual power. She talks very openly about healing from sexual trauma using breathwork combined with vaginal jade egg practices. We also talk about:

  • Experiencing a powerful spiritual connection with a place
  • Interspiritual frameworks for ceremonies
  • How women are constantly penetrated energetically from a young age
  • Re-envisioning God/Goddess
  • The effects of being disconnected at your solar plexus
  • How important it is to have a teacher when doing jade egg work

“I love opening up the space for people to re-envision God.”
-Rachel Halder