Shadow Lab™

The Shadow Lab is a place where your whole self is celebrated—all those messy, contradictory parts that you rarely let out.

It’s a systemic process that increases your power and frees you to be at ease with yourself, shortening the time it takes to turn a challenge into an opportunity.

At the end of your three month Shadow Lab journey, you’ll have:

More clarity

More capacity

More realness

More comfort with yourself – weakness, strength, love, anger, everything

Your leader through this incredibly hands-on and intimate three-month journey is Nikki Silvestri, who has been through her own intense journey to work with and integrate her shadow, as well as served as a trusted guide to others through this potent and powerful process.

I (Natalie) would love for there to be millions of people like Nikki engaged in and guiding others on the deeply transformative and powerful experience of shadow work.

The next best thing is that ten of you will take the leap and embark on a deep shadow work journey in the Shadow Lab with Nikki.

Who knows where this journey will take you…

…And what would you be missing out on if you were never truly able to embrace the full spectrum of you?

You deserve to be free from shame, own your power, and have more comfort with your true, deep, real self.

In case you haven’t already listened, get to know Nikki through her collaborations with Natalie on Dream Freedom Beauty:

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