In this episode we’re talking with shamanic herbalist Darcey Blue (Shamana Flora). Darcey shares her experience of the powerful transformations that can happen when you start speaking your truth. Darcey’s life is devoted to shamanic herbalism and remembering our true wildness. In this episode we talk about:

  • How you can connect with your intuition through listening to your body
  • How and why to offer gratitude in sacred reciprocity
  • How to do nature mandala magic to release the old and co-create the new
  • How to cultivate deep connections with the plant world
  • How rewilding connects you with the parts of yourself that aren’t manmade

“I am here to guide you to the healing wisdom and medicine that the plants and wild, sacred
nature hold for you.  The wisdom of spirit that is within each of us.”
– Darcey Blue