In the first of a special series on stories from Standing Rock, we talk with Megan Toben of the Eco-Institute at Pickard’s Mountain. Megan has been standing in solidarity with the demonstrators at Standing Rock for 8 days, and we speak with her just after the denial of the easement has been announced. There is still more to come in this pipeline’s story. We must keep giving it our attention, support and prayers! We talk about:

  • The power of prayer and non-violent demonstration
  • What to do now that the easement has been denied at Standing Rock
  • How we can give attention and awareness to similar situations in indigenous communities globally
  • The collective longing to change the story
  • Now we can thank President Obama and the Army Corps of Engineers for refusing the easement

“Hold that question: How can I be of service to healing our world? When you feel it and know it, say yes.”
-Megan Toben