Sunder Ashni is a flower essence therapist, meditation facilitator, and soul counselor based in Brooklyn, NY. In this episode, we dive into:

  • The power of names
  • Why it’s challenging to carry a spiritual name in the world we live in today
  • How the closer you are to your center, the more you can sense and feel
  • What it’s like to begin a spiritual life with ideals and fantasies about experiencing it
  • How meditation is about learning to respond to your thoughts, not to stop them
  • What it means to walk the beauty path with integrity and authenticity
  • Learning to shift your alignment from the external to the internal
  • Why it’s a necessity to orientate ourselves with the directions
  • Why it’s so special to see how we’re all connected
  • The power of shifting your relationship to suffering
  • How suffering is such a multifaceted thing
  • Why you are programmed to believe it’s wrong to experience pain
  • How we have so much to learn from the guiding hands of our elders
  • How important it is to protect and uphold the indigenous tribes and traditions of these lands
  • What it means to bring your whole self
  • What effect your actions are having on your future