This week we talk with Kaitlin June, a vocalist and performer who helps people find their voice. Through her unique format for voice sessions, Kaitlin helps people express exactly what their hearts need to say. We talk about her journey and how quitting can sometimes be what leads you to your right livelihood. Kaitlin shares a powerful, sultry, sensual song she channeled. We also talk about:

  • Creating a sense of safety where it’s ok to express anything
  • Clearing blocks and shame via expressing sound
  • Approaching plant medicines like ayahuasca and cannabis in a sacred way
  • The one thing you should never tell a child
  • What happens when her and her clients go outside to sing with the trees
  • The key to being in deep relationship with your audience
  • A short guided exercise for beginning to find your voice

I believe in the power of visual art and dance and music and poetry to be ways in which we discover and heal ourselves.”
-Kaitlin June



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