We caught up with Hannah Jermstad while she was on the road from a backcountry pilgrimage with her mentors to her next stop in New Mexico. We talked about her journey from being a competitive athlete to being an explorer of consciousness living on a homestead. She shared some of the many forms that activism can take and the importance of doing our inner work that is necessary, so we can do the outer work of activism in integrity. We also talked about:

  • Prayer and intention as a driving force for living your truth
  • The value of unplugging from the dominant culture
  • How responsibility is the ability to respond
  • That there is no path except your own pathless path
  • Honoring the deep grief that comes with being embodied
  • What happens when you participate in an Experimental Threshold Crossing practice
  • How curiosity is a magic balm in the face of jealousy

“Our feelings are the most intimate compass that we have.”
-Hannah Jermstad