Your power and magic are unlocked when you step into the flow of intuition and align with nature’s cycles.

Yet it goes against your training for success in the “civilized” world to trust your instinct and listen to your heart in harmony with your mind.

In these secret episodes and freebies (like tarot spreads, rituals, and book excerpts) from guests, Natalie and her guests talk about trusting your intuition, making money, relationships, breakups, ritual, self-care, magic, and what it takes to stand in your power as a badass cosmic babe in the modern world.

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36. Autumn Rose on Letting Go of Expectations Around Your Birth Plan and Story

35. Bakara Wintner on Cutting Off Communications with Your Family

34. Rhiannon Morsch on Conscious Conception with IVF and Decluttering the Womb

33. Carolyn Elliott on Coming to Terms with The Things You’re Scared of or Judging

32. Bloom Post on Reciprocity and Relationships with Plant Spirits

31. Jaclyn DeSantis and Shele Jessee on Looking Deeper into Death

30. Vienda Maria on How Traveling and Place Have Influenced Her Life Experience

29. Sophia Rose of La Abeja Herbs on Making Plant Medicines with Wildcrafted, Domestic, and Feral Plants

28. Liv Wheeler on Climbing a Glacier in Iceland to Make Offerings to the Little People

27. Rebecca Conran on How To Thrive in Eclipse Season August 2017

26. Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul Healing on The Healing Power of Grief

25. Vanja Vukelic of Merakilabbe on Self Care and Being of Service

24. Ruby Warrington of The Numinous on Dealing with Imposter Syndrome!

23. Rachel Blodgett of Serpent and Bow on Partnering With Plant Dyes as Ritual

22. Ra Ma Kaur on Mantra and Sound Healing

21. Erin Rivera Merriman of Active Culture Family on Partnering with Plants and Serving the Goddess

20. Jessica Reid, clairvoyant, on The 5th Dimension, Quantum Leaping, and Parallel Realities

19. Caroline Putnam of Reviveolution on Making Prayers and Offerings with Nature

18. Mira Kelley, past-life regressionist, on The 3 Key Steps to Receiving

17. Carolyn Elliott of Witch Magazine on Alchemy, Spagyrics and Taking a 90-Day Break from Magic

16. Ilka Oster on How To Do and Use Faster EFT to Shift Limiting Beliefs. Video Lesson & Audio Download

15. Rochelle Eisenberger of Empress Herbs on Ritual Candle Magick & Breakups

14. Johanna Warren of Spirit House Records on Fairy Connections and Feeling Ecosexual

13. Amelia Vogler of The Healing Space on The Medicine of the Land in Australia and Iceland

12. Free Guided Meditation with the Tree Spirits on Connecting with True Abundance and Wealth (down for renovations)

11. Ariella Daly of Beekeeping In Skirts on What Humans Can Bring to Partnering with Bees

10. Kiara O’Leary of An Inspired Life on Creating Abundance and Success Aligned with Purpose

9. Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul Healing on Growing a Successful Spiritual Business

8. Jessyka Winston of Haus of Hoodoo on Hoodoo Altars and Connecting with Ancestors

7. Liv Wheeler of Ancestor Bridge Shares a Message from the Nature Spirits Known As Kontomble

6. Heh Heru of the School of Ancient Alkebu-lanic Mystic Rites on His Mystic Awakening and Approach to Being a Modern Monk

5. Carolyn Elliott of Bad Witches Magazine on Natural Magic & Working With Jupiter for Creating Wealth

4. Liz Migliorelli of Sister Spinster Gets Vulnerable about Money and Spiritual Business Practices

3. Asia Suler of One Willow Apothecaries on Making a Series of Leaps Into Your Truth & Power

2. Natalie Ross on Tuning in to Your Purpose & Overcoming Disappointment

1. Natalie Ross on Getting Out of Your Own Way & Aligning With Divine Love

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