My name is Natalie Ross, and the thing I most want to help you know is, the magic IS you.

You truly ARE the magic.

And I am magic, the guru over there is magic, that expert on that show is magic, but most importantly, YOU are magic. You are the one with everything you need to fully live your purpose and be fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams. You are the only one you truly need.

I know it sounds silly for me to tell you this, seeing as my whole business is centered on sharing the stories, tools and teachings of others who have tapped into their magic in ways that let them live their dreams and BE who they are. But it’s the truth.

If you read this and GET IT in an *AH HA* moment right now, rendering everything I’ve got here useless to you, then GREAT! Job done. Success. Let’s go play!

But if you’re still wondering how the heck you are the magic and what it takes to be in your power and purpose, then I’m here to help you get it. Like, really GET IT.

My gift is in awakening people’s ability to know the wholeness of themselves, the connection of everything, and the power of creative life force energy (AKA the Divine) in all aspects of life.

I want you to know your power, to be stunned and awed and turned into a wet puddle of tears from ugly crying at the realization of the immense beauty and wholeness and power that you already are. I want you to bust past your anxiety, your scarcity mindset, your to-do lists, your conditioning, and your fears into the possibilities in every moment and in every choice, so you can be free and empowered to create that which is singing to you from the depths of your heart. I want you to see that which is waiting to be born through you, expressed through your voice, your actions, your gifts and your being.

The path through which I have been brought to my knees in sheer awe for the beauty and power of life and everything, including me, is one of connecting with nature and spirit on ever-expanding and deepening levels.

While I always felt called towards this spiritual path, it wasn’t until my late 20’s that I was brave enough to bust past my critical mindset that judged anything non-scientific as totally invalid. I also busted past the fear that being spiritual would leave me vulnerable, powerless and shameful, like I felt in my religious upbringing.

For many years I was an atheist, and I tried to fit my deep desire for connection with nature and spirit into the socially acceptable box we call SCIENCE. I got two science degrees (a B.S. in ecology and a M.S. in soil science) and planned for a future as a researcher and professor running my own microbiology lab (I still LOVE microbes! They are so magic).

Well, that didn’t happen, obviously. As I was doing my graduate research and writing my thesis, I couldn’t resist the urge to delve deeper into my intuitive side. Why did I feel like there was something missing in my life? Why was I so obsessed with nature spirits and fairies, despite there being no scientific evidence for their existence? Why did I have a knack for seeing straight through people’s outward intentions, sometimes freaking them out with my piercing perceptions? Who could I talk to that would understand my deepest longings, and how could I possibly explore all this AND still live in society?! Also, what was this memory arising from my early childhood that I am a witch? Like, really?

I needed to investigate my intuitive senses, and I needed to connect with a community of folks who spoke the same language. The only problem was, I didn’t know anyone who spoke this language and could dive as deep as I wanted to go!

So my sister, Lizzy Ross (who has now stepped out to focus 100% on her music), and I decided to create a podcast that would allow us to have deep and weird conversations with people. We specifically wanted this to be done in a public way, with the intention that these conversations would provide communion and connection for people around the world who held similar longings and questions in their hearts and minds.

And I started this podcast WHILE I WAS STILL IN GRADUATE SCHOOL! I didn’t tell anyone at school, for fear I’d somehow be denied my degree, a belief I now see is hilariously ridiculous.

A month after launching the podcast I graduated and never looked back. While I didn’t expect my life to be so quickly and completely transformed by something so simple as a podcast, I now feel like scientist-me was lifetimes ago. Within one year I have touched the lives of thousands of people, helped dozens to make massive transformations towards their true heart’s desires, and created the life of my dreams, a life that allows me to BE who I am and expand on that forever.

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