Have you listened to Natalie’s other podcast, the Self Care Club (SCC), yet? In this week’s Dream Freedom Beauty  (DFB) episode, Natalie is sharing one of her favorite SCC episodes, featuring a DFB favorite guest, Carolyn Elliott (who is an upcoming special guest in the live, online gatherings for the Self Care Club membership!).

In this episode Carolyn shares one of her most powerful tools for healing and being deeply honest with yourself, the Deepest Fear Inventory.

Also, doors are open to the live, online gatherings hosted by Natalie and featuring special guests from your favorite DFB episodes!

Learn more and join the Club at https://selfcareclub.net/scc-join-2018-02.

Doors close on Monday February 12th!

If you’re listening to this after Feb 12th, then you can go to www.selfcareclub.net to find out when they’ll open again.

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