Knowledge Brings Power & Freedom

Knowledge is power, and education is key to generating a life of purpose and freedom. Without knowledge you are at the mercy of believing what others tell you is true. Education gives you confidence that what you dream is totally and completely possible. With knowledge, no one’s shortsighted lack of vision stands in the way of reaching for what you know is true to best serve the unfolding of your unique, beautiful self and life.

They Want to Keep You Safe

I am grateful for all those who tried to keep me safe by saying there was no way forward in following what my heart yearned to bring into the outer world. I have wholeheartedly applied myself to learning how to make it happen, and I’ve asked many questions to learn what it takes to make this dream take shape. I say thank you to all the naysayers and power figures who would not and could not see the possibilities for making my dream-vision lifestyle unfold, for you have taught me much.

Now I know I am strong. My vision is clear, and I realize all of you were coming from your own limited perspectives of what’s possible. It feels so good to have given myself the gift of knowledge and an education aligned with my purpose and vision. Now when I hear doubtful messages from others I know 100,000% that they are wrong. Hearing the reasons why they think it’s not possible makes me laugh and realize how grateful I am for the view I have gained because of my own unrelenting willingness to learn, to ask questions and to find out what it takes to bring these dreams to reality.

Unrelenting Questioning + Action Bring Success

Wild visions are brought to life by an unrelenting willingness to stay on the trail though the dark, through the seasons, and through the moments where you are almost there but not quite. By sticking with your vision and putting one foot in front of the other, the possibility will become clearer and clearer. The way forward is through asking questions and taking actions, tweaking the process based on your results and doing it all over again and again and again. You must have an unrelenting willingness to keep putting the pieces together until every little piece falls into place. Be strong. Beautiful. Powerful.

You need not take leaps, but put one foot in front of the other, until at last what once seemed like an impossible jump over a great chasm is simply a step.

The Knight of Swords Slays Blocks Without Mercy

I asked my tarot cards to expand on the essence of this experience, and I drew the Knight of Swords. Powerful. Noble. Unrelenting. Ambitious.

When combined with a clear vision of success and preparation for the journey, the Knight of Swords slays the negative thoughts and naysaying energies (not the people themselves) that pop up, without getting hung up on them. He does not dwell on the difficulties that lie ahead, and instead charges forward with success on his mind.

The Knight of Swords is good at maintaining the mental space that keeps creativity flowing. You can’t create when you’re hung up on all the reasons why something isn’t possible. Embody the energy of the Knight of Swords, slay emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that arise, and ask yourself what would it take to make your dreams possible, real and true? Let the limiting beliefs burn. Let them die. Have no mercy nor need to dwell in what’s holding you back. Keep going. Seek not a battle, yet show no hesitation when a naysaying block should show up. Kill it swiftly and don’t look back.

The balanced Knight of Swords does not slaughter just for fun. His fighting is guided by justice and a higher purpose. He has pledged his honor to fight only for the protection of the creative flow, not for drama or the love of battle. He is like a ninja. He does not getting caught in the web of stickiness that hangs around emotionally draining beliefs. He just slaughters them and moves on, knowing that his actions are aligned with manifesting the beautiful dream visions of the heart.

Moving Forward with Balance and Ambition

Combine education and compassion with the energy embodied by the Knight of Swords. Education provides you with a clear vision of the actions and attitudes necessary for success as you forge ahead. Compassion helps you maintain healthy relationships with those who matter to you, but who may not understand or support your vision. With these powers combined, you will be unstoppable.