Vienda Maria is writer and mentor based in Kamloops, BC. Her unique mix of offerings meet at the crossroads of manifesting, intuitive living, radical self-trust, and creative business. In this conversation we get into:

  • Why the first step to becoming an entrepreneur is having the willingness to look at your shadows
  • How limiting beliefs hold you back and block your success
  • Why getting clear with where you want your money to flow can improve your relationship with money
  • Why moving through self doubt is healthy and opens up the space to live your purpose and create magnificence in your life
  • How weaving intuition with structure is a valid way for making business decisions
  • Why journaling is a potent method for connecting with what realities you are creating
  • Why trust is a choice and a decision, and why you have to fully commit to proving yourself to it
  • Finding stillness and rootedness while living in one place after over a decade of traveling