Rebecca Conran is a healer and intuitive in New York City. We talked with her about her past as an addict, and we get real about a chilling turning point in her will to live. She shares her story of discovering she’s a psychic empath and what that meant moving forward in creating a life that truly nourishes and sustains her on all levels. We also talk about:

  • Growing up in an extremely oppressive religious environment
  • Signs that you are an empath & self-care and empowerment for empaths
  • Honoring painful experiences, sadness and grief
  • Coping with being cut off from your blood family for being who you are
  • Energetic roots of Lyme disease & healing support
  • The crystals underneath Manhattan
  • Rainbow farts

“If we’re only trying to be perfect, often times we’re stunting our growth.”
-Rebecca Conran