In the middle of the coastline between Monterey and Morro Bay, just off highway 1 in California, is a primitive homestead called Dabudage. I camped here for 4 days and had the chance to talk with the woman of the homestead, Bree Brewer. She was constantly on the move tending to plants, picking berries, climbing rocks and cooking, so I went on the move with her and recorded. We talked about the energy of the land and about her and her partner’s vision for this place that they are co-creating.

There is a fuzzy sound like white noise in this recording. A rushing creek runs through the property, and honestly I just don’t know how to record clean audio next to a creek, so if you have tips, pleeease let us know through email or facebook. But in the meantime, you can allow yourself to be transported to this place next to this clean spring water as it rushes down through the valley into the Pacific in this pristine corner of California.

“Along a wild and lonely coastline
Where the mountains meet the sea
A place to stop and spend some time
Near the ocean by the creek…”
-Dji of Dabudage 







Photos by Natalie Ross.