The spirit of trout lily embodies a lightness of being. Here I describe my journey to meet trout lily’s spirit in the visionary realms.

She is a maiden with a crown of trout lily flowers. She starts taking off all her clothes, sensuously revealing her naked body, and proceeds to jump into what appears to be a waterfall. It feels so exciting, the way she undressed shamelessly, with a complete aura of beauty and brightness. I undress and follow her down this waterfall waterslide ride thing. It reminds me of a twisty, curvy water tunnel slide ride in a water park.

The slide is a WILD ride. There’s nothing to do but let go and enjoy the twists and turns. I get the sense that this is about getting naked emotionally and enjoying the ride of emotions as they twist and turn.

The ride spits out at the base of a waterfall, into a gorgeous natural swimming hole. For some reason the trout lily spirit takes off her socks (she had socks on?!), and the feeling elevates to one of utter freedom. The freedom is a freedom to feel, a freedom to be who you are in all your luscious beauty.

Your heart is free to feel all the way to the point of clarity and reset. There’s no more backlog of emotions. You are present have come along for the ride. You’re lubricated and juicy.

Then she conveys to me, “I help open the portals of the chakra system, wherever they are needing opening, especially in the heart, hands, throat, root and sacral centers.”

Trout lily moves whatever needs to be moved for you to welcome joy. She helps you take off the weight of old emotions and open up closed chakra portals.

She helps you to be emotionally naked and loving it.


This flower essence comes in a 1 oz. blue glass bottle with a dropper lid. It contains the vibrations of trout lily’s spirit medicine imprinted into the water and “held” in place by a brandy. The amount of brandy is very dilute, and the recommended dosage is just a drop or two in water a few times a day. It is a gluten-free brandy.

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