Kontomble voice diviner Liv Wheeler joins us on the show again to share about healing between the worlds of humans and ancestors. We talk about why healing with ancestors matters, and we invite the Kontomble to share on this topic via a voice divination. This episode is NOT appropriate for listening to with children. Listen to part 2 of this series here. We also talk about:

  • Different beings/spirits require different offerings
  • We’re connected to our ancestors whether we like it or not
  • The difference between ancestors and ghosts
  • How ghosts are affecting our lives via ancestral wounds and patterns
  • The root of the lie of scarcity, especially related to time and money
  • The power of asking how your ancestors are doing
  • The one offering you can start with now, no matter the state of your relationship with ancestors

“Your ancestors are wondering, ‘Have they given up on us completely?'”
-Liv Wheeler & Kontomble