We welcome back Liv Wheeler for a Kontomble voice divination where we check in with the nature spirits known as Kontomble about how to heal between the worlds of humans, ancestors and nature spirits. This episode is part 2 in a series, click here to listen to part 1. In this episode we talk about:

  • Details of how to do an ancestral healing ritual to heal trauma in your lineage
  • Your ancestors want to be in touch with you and they are sorry for how they have wronged you
  • How we must heal with our ancestors before being able to fully connect with other beings in the spirit world, including nature spirits
  • Checking if your cauldrons, spells and magic are life-affirming from a heartful place
  • Crafting a real quilt co-created with humans and nature spirits to symbolize our uniting
  • A how-to, step-by-step ritual for healing with the ancestors and the truth of where you come from (starts at ~33 minutes)

“You need to forget where you come from and remember where you truly come from.”
-Liv Wheeler & Kontomble