Liv Wheeler, a Kontomble voice diviner, and Christianne van Wijk, a film maker, have been brought together across the globe by the little people, or nature spirits, to do big things. In this episode they talk about a gathering they’re hosting to bring together the many Earth, spirit, and galactic races to create a manual full of practical steps for living in a high-vibe, harmonious global society. Liv shares a message from the Kontomble via her gifts as a voice diviner. We also talk about:

  • The many races on earth, in spirit form, and in the cosmos
  • What the intentions are behind creating and living in a new paradigm
  • Why the nature spirits chose to be caught on film in “Voices From the Forest”
  • How a journey with ayahuasca transformed Christianne’s awareness beyond the 3D visible world
  • A live Kontomble voice divination with Liv Wheeler!

“Every race holds a very vital key for the advancement of life on Earth. Everyone holds something.”
-Christianne van Wijk