Anoo Tree Brod is an improv actress and teacher, as well as a Soul Coach and Angel Intuitive. In this episode we talk with Tree about how powerful PLAY can be for moving through whatever is keeping you feeling stuck or down. We talk about our experiences opening up our psychic senses. Tree shares about how improv helps people get out of their heads, and she gives our listeners an angel card reading for 2017! We also talk about:

  • How improv can bring you connection, joy, community, embodiment, and presence
  • What the core essence of theater and comedy improv is
  • How to heal social anxiety
  • What it’s like to be the messenger of messages from spirit
  • Indigo children and their propensity for speaking their truths
  • Healing trauma and it’s effects on your body

“We need to be able to feel it all. The root of all addictions is unfelt feelings, feelings that we feel like we can not feel.”
-Anoo Tree Brod