Heh Heru is a modern-day mystic monk in the School of Ancient Alkebu-lanic Mystic Rites, Inc. (SAAMR). One of the main missions of SAAMR is, “…to fix the systemic issues that have caused much of the world to ignore, misidentify, or otherwise misattribute the achievements and contributions of the African civilizations both ancient and modern.” In today’s conversation with founder Heh Heru, we cover some common misconceptions, and he shares approaches for uncovering facts about the past. We also talk about:

  • What’s really in your food and body products
  • The real names for the Sphinx and the pyramids and how they got renamed
  • Why we have to address the facts of the past to move forward
  • Astral traveling, gamma ray bursts, black holes and other cosmic mysteries
  • Plato’s Allegory of The Cave
  • Whether or not colors truly exist

“We all say we seek the truth, but how often do we lie?”
-Heh Heru