In this episode we interview urban farmer and educator, Maurice Small, who works to eliminate food deserts in southeast Raleigh by teaching the youth how to connect with the earth and grow food. His approach to helping those who are underserved is to get them involved in alternatives from the systems that are holding them down. His students are gaining a sense of self-worth, independence, and confidence as they grow food that is in high demand by their families and neighbors. We also talk about how intuition weaves into this process, and how play is so important to engage in through adulthood. We also talk about:

  • Helping children become progeny of the earth
  • How adults can get out of the box and step into a different system
  • Food as a civil right
  • How your mind & intuition are like Siri, waiting to answer your questions
  • Failure as an integral part of success
  • How the earthworms is the perfect creature

“Life is soil, soil is life.”
-Maurice Small