Carolyn Elliott is the founder of WITCH magazine, hostess of the Grit & Grace podcast, and the creator and teacher of a process for shadow integration called Existential Kink™. This episode is not appropriate for listening to with children. In our conversation we dig into:

  • How to love the parts of you that love to be F*ed up
  • What’s happening when the world open ups and swallows you into a weird black hole
  • Differences between the hero’s & heroine’s journeys, and why its important for those with strong feminine inclinations to know this
  • The non-dual nature of reality as told through the Persephone story
  • Practices for transmuting the power of SHAME
  • The synchronous relationship between unconscious desires and what happens in your world
  • Why NOT to be careful what you wish for
  • Working with the spirit world with offerings and natural magic practices

“Don’t blame it on magic not working, don’t blame it on yourself sucking, don’t blame it on anything. Just learn from it, and you’ll be super powerful very soon.”
-Carolyn Elliott

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