Sophia Rose is a spirited herbalist and folk healer. She has lived for years as a nomadic wild woman, and she has recently rooted down into her hometown of Austin, TX. Sophia shares medicines of the Earth through her blooming business, La Abeja Herbs. In this episode we talk about:

  • How developing a sensual sensitivity is necessary for meeting plant allies in their subtle realm
  • How grounding creative practices in the body gives them power and potency
  • The magic of developing a slow, deep relationship with the natural world through returning to places again and again
  • Why doing less in life teaches you how to use your time, energy, attention, and resources more skillfully
  • How discipline, ambition, and quiet time can help you be committed to bringing through your unique gifts
  • How you can use technology as a magical tool
  • Why using “spirit doses”of plant medicine is an effective way to help you tap into the subtler worlds of the heart and emotions
  • Why plant spirits are great teachers of reciprocity, and why you must become generous to work with them