Mira Kelley is an attorney turned past life regressionist. She experienced her first past life regression at age 13, where she had a peak experience that changed her life. In adulthood, faced with the choice between a risky surgery or intense jaw pain for the rest of her life, she remembered her childhood experience with past life regression. She sought out a professional regressionist, and a few sessions later her pain was gone! From then on, she has been incredibly passionate about sharing the power of past life regression. In this episode we talk about:

  • What are past, parallel, and future lives
  • How exploring these lives can be a healing experience
  • Getting insight from your past, parallel, and future selves!
  • How your present moment is your point of power
  • How shifting your expectations can shift your timelines of manifestation
  • A powerful, quick meditation you can do to shift your beliefs and expectations!
  • Expanding your ability to receive