Teacher, herbalist and all-around magic woman Liz Migliorelli @Sister_Spinster guides people into deeper relationship with their ancestors and with plant allies for deep healing and transformation. We talk about:

  • How to reclaim and revitalize your ancestral traditions
  • Plants as allies to connect with our ancestors
  • Helping people of European descent to decolonize their actions and mentalities
  • Her discovery of her ancestors’ relationship with the drum as a spiritual tool
  • Exploring working with holy waters
  • Celebrating the fertility of the land and life through sex magic
  • Willow for support through grief and working with flower essence medicines

Check out the secret episode where we dig into how she’s created a lifestyle supported by the embodiment of her purpose. We cover ideas about money, mindset, and being in right relationship with one’s deepest self, spirit and the earth. Get access here.  🙂

“One of the main themes of decolonization would be really getting back to the roots.”
-Liz Migliorelli