Liv Wheeler didn’t expect to become a voice diviner who channels ancestors and Kontomble, AKA “little people”, elementals and nature spirits. Her journey from court stenographer to voice diviner and shamanic practitioner started when she listened to the whispers of her heart and intuition and took a yearlong shamanic training course many years ago. She and Natalie met this June at Spirit Weavers during a tree ceremony, where Liv was channeling the voices of the Kontomble and of a gorgeous old grandmother redwood tree. An article was published last week in Harper’s Bazaar that talks about Spirit Weavers and Liv’s tree ceremony in a very poor light. In our conversation today, Liv opens up about how it feels to be dissed in the national media and what effect it’s had on her. You might be surprised.  😉  We also talk about:

  • How even the shyest of people can find their voice and become confident in their truth
  • Who/what are the Kontomble?
  • How to be in reciprocity with Kontomble – what can we give to them?
  • What joy, laughter and sweet, loving energy have to do with being connected to the Kontomble
  • How YOU can participate in creating the global community of people who stand in their truth (send your video to Liv!)

“I was told before that I’m a voice for the ancestors, that I’m to bring their voice into this world, and with that comes transformation. My hope is that I can help others to remember their soul’s potential as well.”
-Liv Wheeler