Erica Livingston & Laura Interlandi are two powerhouse doulas rocking the world of birth, babies, and beyond in Brooklyn.These women offer so much to help families feel held in this potent time, including: postpartum support, unique ceremonies, and classes. In this episode we get into:

  • Why becoming a Mother is a creative threshold and portal, with birth being the opening, and postpartum being the closing
  • Why taking a sacred pause and honouring the process of healing after birth is so important
  • How the womb has the ability to only hold both your shadows and new life for so long, and how this plays out in the journey of pregnancy
  • How doulas are gatekeepers, holding the space around you, making you feel protected and normalized
  • Why motherhood is the sacred “chop wood, carry water” of the lower three chakras
  • How the media only offers two extreme perceptions of birth, and doesn’t offer an understanding of the full spectrum
  • Why there is magic in the mundane, and why it’s okay to feel more than one emotion at the same time
  • How we all need doulas to support each other through our big life moments, in every aspect of life