In the second episode on our special Standing Rock series, we speak with Colleen Longo Collins, who shares what it was like to visit the camp with the intent of truly being of service. Please see the images below to read the guidelines from the Standing Rock orientation. Listen as Colleen shares:

  • How spirit moved her to go to Standing Rock & what it was like to arrive at camp
  • How newcomers are educated in the ways of the demonstration
  • Why it’s important to be of service without bringing colonizer intentions
  • What is needed for people of European descent to “unlearn and interrupt” settler habits
  • Ceremony and prayer as the foundation of the resistance
  • Ways to support the resistance no matter where you are located

“It just has to stay simple. It has to stay about the prayer, it has to stay about the peace, and it has to stay about the water.”
-Colleen Longo Collins

Orientation Documents for Newcomers to the Camp: