This week’s Dream Freedom Beauty podcast features naturalist pagan author and artist, Lupa! We talk about transforming the perceived disconnect between humans and nature. Lupa shares some of her deep knowledge about working with totems, and she highlights how to form your own relationships with the totems of the land where you live. We talk about some of her recent projects, including the Tarot of Bones and the still death art sessions. We also cover:

  • The benefits of opening up to the sense of wonder nature has to offer
  • What it’s like to receive communications from totems
  • How plant, fungi and land totem relationships differ from those with animals
  • Are totems real or just a figment of your imagination?
  • What is skull scrying, and how can you ethically use and reuse animal remains?
  • How to remedy the perceived disconnect between humans and the land
  • How to begin to form a deep connection with the land where you live through totems

“For it is not enough to merely rail about the tragedies. One must have hope, and must know that it is not too late to rebuild connections long lost.”