Asia Suler of One Willow Apothecaries brings a grounded approach to plant spirit medicine to the show this week. Asia is writer, teacher, herbalist and energy worker living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. In this episode she shares about how she made her way from New York City to rural North Carolina, attending the Chestnut School of Herbalism. We also talk about:

  • Having an awareness of how your environment affects you & noticing your body as a portal
  • Stones as ancient ancestors who communicate with us and can help with healing processes
  • Dismantling the belief that to be spiritual is to be unintellectual
  • Working with plant medicine in many dimensions from physical to spiritual
  • How to deepen your relationship with nature spirits
  • The importance of rambling and wandering without aim

“Being in the more-than-human world was a really important conduit for me to connect in to my spirit and my soul. It’s almost like a doorway that hadn’t been opened at that time, but once it was opened, it couldn’t be closed again.”
-Asia Suler

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