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On this episode I (Natalie) invite you to learn how to manifest your dreams. For the first time I will publicly share the systems and methods I’ve used to completely transform my life from being stuck and monotonous to being in the flow of delight, purpose and joy. Ask yourself, what are you more afraid of, failure or success? No matter the answer, the solutions are the same, and I am freaking THRILLED to share tools and techniques I’ve used to overcome abundance blocks and limiting beliefs in this free manifesting challenge.

Note: The challenge is over! Please sign up for the newsletter (in the sidebar to the right or below) to hear about future courses and challenges! 🙂
Do you struggle with listening to your heart? Do you get in your own way of you doing what you want to do?

This challenge is for people who:

  • Have mindset blocks
  • Harbor limiting beliefs that keep them stuck
  • Are holding onto emotional baggage
  • Can’t show up in the world the way they want to
  • Feel held back by fear, doubts, or worries
  • Are on a never-ending merry go round of misery
  • Aren’t completely in love with their life
  • Want to go to higher levels of welcoming beauty and positive change
  • Want to get past obstacles holding them back
  • Are ready to say YES to living a joyful, beautiful, delightful life

It doesn’t matter where you are on your manifesting journey. You might be completely new to manifesting, have tried it with limited success, or you might want to take your manifesting further than you’ve ever taken it before. On this challenge you’ll learn the methods to move past your stuck spots no matter where you are on the journey. It is with complete love and joy that I welcome you to this adventure. I’ve had to overcome my own limiting beliefs to get here, and I know exactly what it’s like to feel stuck in a never-ending merry go round of tedium and unfulfillment.

If you have mindset blocks, limiting beliefs or emotional crap stopping you from moving forward and living a life you love, then this challenge is perfect for you.

You might desire:

  • Improved health
  • More fulfilling relationships
  • A different career
  • To be in and stay in the flow
  • Time off to reflect
  • A vacation
  • Some extra cash
  • To make art!
  • New friends
  • A home you love
  • Emotional freedom or relief
  • To make a podcast!
  • To start a business

Or any number of things. Literally whatever you dream of from your soul’s urgings, you are meant to have. In fact, you already have the seeds of it waiting to germinate and grow into your perception of reality. It’s time to clear the blocks that keep it from coming in, and to allow yourself to create and receive what it is you TRULY truly want.

Soo… say YES to you, say YES to moving past the mists of fear, and to moving into greater freedom, joy, delight, flow, purpose and vitality. Why stay stuck in your old realities? Why keep living under the weight of your emotional baggage that keeps you from doing what you truly want to do? Why live another day NOT using your natural, creative powers to create exactly what you want?! I know it can be scary to say yes to the quiet whispering in your heart, and that is why I offer these tools in complete non-judgement. I want you to see how your fears are merely illusions. I want you to use your inherent manifesting skills to stop creating a crappy reality and to start creating an intentional reality aligned with your soul’s urgings. So, please, say yes to you. Say yes to the magnet deep within you that pulls you towards what you truly want. You will choose 1 thing to manifest in this challenge, and I will help you move through your blocks and discover exactly HOW to bring your desires into fruition.

On this challenge I will lead you through:

  • How to know what you truly desire
  • Getting clear about your vision
  • How to visualize and how to avoid the mistakes people make when visualizing
  • Going deep into surrender
  • Receiving gracefully
  • Revising the vision when necessary
  • Celebrating success
  • And repeating the process for a lifetime of manifesting

I’ll be sending you videos explaining exactly what the techniques are on each step of the way. You’ll have a chance to talk with me for free for 30 minutes, so I can help you get clear, realize where you’re getting stuck and know how to dissolve your specific blocks.

What have you got to lose?  I can’t stand to see people struggling because they don’t know how to use their natural creative powers to co-create lives they love. This is my purpose, and through these methods, you can learn to do whatever you can dream up. If you want to start a new business, find love, live somewhere you absolutely cherish, have a great social life, be healthy or whatever you can imagine, these are the tools to use. It’s that simple.

I truly love using these tools, and I love seeing people welcome magic into their lives. YOU are magical. In fact, this magic is simply a natural part of life, but most people are using their natural tools to create crappy, boring, or emotionally draining lives. If you want to stay stuck then don’t sign up. It’s ok. When you’re ready, you’ll find the teachers and tools you need to go to the next level. But if you’re ready then let’s do this!

If you have friends you think would enjoy this journey, invite them and send them this post. The more people that come together to learn and use these tools, the more powerful the transformational magic is in all of our lives.

I welcome you as you are, and I look forward to helping you unfold your dreams and make them your reality. Thank you for saying YES to you and to your dreams, to living a life of freedom and to manifesting beauty. See you September 1st.

Note: The challenge is over! Please sign up for the newsletter (in the sidebar to the right or below) to hear about future courses and challenges! 🙂

Natalie <3