This week’s guest is Virginia Rosenberg. She is an Intuitive Astrologer and Sacred Movement Artist by profession, with a background in social justice, service work, and expressive arts. In response to the shootings and violence that has happened this summer, Virginia wrote an article that went viral, titled “Converting Hidden Spiritual Racism Into Sacred Activism: An Open Letter To Spiritual White Folks.” This week we dig deeper into the message of this article, and we invite people of all backgrounds to get in touch with us and share their feelings and response to both the violence in our society and the points made in this article. We intend to start a bigger conversation with this episode, where we can expand and deepen the connections in all of our spiritual communities through becoming more aware and more present in engaging in spiritual practice as sacred activism. We talk about:

  • How we can work together to heal the collectively unresolved trauma and wounds of racism and oppression in our society
  • What is sacred activism and how are spirituality and activism connected?
  • In what ways are escapism and avoidance masquerading as spirituality?
  • Solutions and suggestions for possible ways to do better than what the status quo offers
  • How groups and gatherings play a role in this collective healing transformation
  • How you can make strides towards compassion and peace

“I would certainly consider racism and oppression a collectively unresolved trauma and an unfinished developmental task for humanity… I have a longing for spirituality and activism to join together as one, rather than remaining separate and divided. Because to me, spirituality and activism go hand-in-hand. They are inseparable.”
-Virginia Rosenberg


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