Vanja Vukelic of Merakilabbe is a minimal surrealism artist whose imagery conveys a deep message that we are the nature we are seeking to connect with. Vanja describes her artwork as a “vehicle to ascension” that carries a potent intention to restore awareness and connection between humans and Earth. In this episode, we get into:

  • The responsibility of an artist to tend the collective mind and heart, and what that truly means
  • What are Devas and Nature Spirits?
  • How meditation and silence are key elements in finding, tapping into, and sharing your unique gifts
  • How working with Ayahuasca in ceremony changed Vanja’s life, and opened her up to the healing messages the plant spirits have for us
  • How you can connect to the nature within us through embodying the unique and beautiful medicine of plant spirit consciousness
  • What it means to keep the freedom and beauty of an open mind and tend the inner child