Toko-pa Turner is the author of the bestselling book “Belonging,” an international speaker, and a teacher and authority on dreams. In this episode, we dive into:

  • Why there is always an emptiness that precedes creativity
  • How an altar can emerge out of an empty space, by leaving an invitation for something to show up
  • How you can work with dreams as the transmission from the unseen world
  • How nature comes to you through dreams
  • Why your personal purpose fits into the larger ecosystem
  • Why expansion and contraction are essential to belonging
  • How belonging isn’t just a state you can achieve
  • Why belonging is the silent wound of our times
  • How exile from false belonging is an incredibly sacred place, and a necessary initiation into true belonging
  • Why your sense of belonging is an ancestral inheritance of displaced people
  • How to live with the grief of the broken momentum of your ancestors, and how you can begin to mend
  • How dreams serve the individual as well as the collective
  • Why dream interpretation is really about getting comfortable with not knowing
  • Why you need to build intimacy by sharing your dreamwork together with your communities