Roxie Jane Hunt is a Witch Mama, hair care specialist, and all around creatrix based in Seattle, WA. Roxie’s mission is to inspire DIY hair styling and care rituals that allow you to love your hair and experiment with your identity in fun and new ways. In this conversation, we talk about:

  • How each child you birth brings forth a new piece of yourself
  • With becoming a Mother there is a death of something and there is a birth
  • How nothing can be linear when you are following your emotions
  • How staying present allows you to move and act from a more intentional and potent place
  • Why alignment is a balance
  • How slowing down and fully claiming your moment of space is such a potent act of self care
  • Replacing the voice of your inner Mother with compassion and gentleness
  • Strive to be the Mother for yourself that you wish you had
  • Why feeling the connection and support from the Earth fills the inner wellspring
  • How you are a multifaceted being made up of the different parts of your ancestry
  • The potency of replacing apology with gratitude and claiming our space
  • How much of becoming a Mom is learned, and doesn’t come as naturally as we think
  • What it means to find self-worth as a Mother in our society
  • How having fleeting feelings of overwhelm and resentment in parenting is normal
  • Why parenting requires lots of creativity
  • The more time you spend caring for yourself, the more time and energy you will have to care for yourself and others