Kiara O’Leary is guiding people to attune to their Divine essence. In this episode she shares about how she was led to breakup with her boyfriend, despite it seeming like a perfectly healthy relationship. She realized that she was holding her partner back, and he was holding her back. In order to fulfill their purposes and dreams, they broke up in a loving, non-violent way. We talk about:

  • Connecting with your Divine essence
  • Feeling seen, heard and truly understood
  • Being a Human Design Projector
  • How to receive clear intuitive guidance
  • How to tell the difference between intuition and fear
  • Her approach to embodying courageousness

“If we don’t do the stuff courageously that we’re being asked to do, then we’ll be like, ‘Manifesting isn’t working for me’.”
-Kiara O’Leary