We are pleased to welcome back to the show elder and medicine woman, Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen. In this conversation we get into:

  • How every wound is a womb wound
  • Why you can’t become shameless in the bedroom without the sweat lodge and vice versa
  • Learning to move beyond the “freeze, fight, or fly” response
  • How pain is not personal; it is our Mother’s and Grandmother’s pain
  • Why women need safe spaces to go through their pain
  • What kind of PTSD or trauma does your lineage contain
  • What it means to have conscious and unconscious inventories with sexual partners
  • Why young people haven’t been given rights of passage regarding their sexuality, beauty, and brilliance
  • How to move through the wound to get to the treasure
  • Grandmother shares her Me Too story through tracking her Motherline



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