We welcome back Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen as she takes us on a journey to the Isla de la Luna in Lake Titicaca. She guides us through a ceremony to be in sacred relationship with our inner feminine, inner masculine and yanantin. At the end she also guides Natalie through a soul contract clearing. You can listen to this and use it to break your own soul contracts. Be sure to check out Grandmother’s latest offerings, including a special offer exclusive to podcast listeners. Links are below. In Grandmother’s words, this episode takes you:

  • To dream into a realm where and when the eagle and the condor fly over the apus and mountains to return to the universal vision.
  • To access the inner freedom from stories about separation between genders and to return to the beauty of yanintin!
  • To share with our beloved listeners several ways to pray, honouring all ways as a skillfull way to access the divine and to deepen our faith in the depths of our souls.
  • We will journey with the mesas and touching our higher aspects of soul with coca leaves and the kintus, with mapacha and the holy smoke of Peruvian nicotiana
  • We will share our individual intentions for celebrating the lessons of 2016 with space holding for truth truth truth and healing for all of our relations
  • We will share our remembrances and gifts of those who have passed over this year
  • We will honour our own forgetfulness with forgiveness and our remembrances with celebrations and thus recalibrations.

“Really bow down to your teachers. They have walked the steps and the path before you. Name them in your prayers. We really need your prayers right now as the lie of separation between genders clears itself from face of this planet.”
-Grandmother Kaariina


Featured image via Reviveolution